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One of the greatest features of Concierge Telemedicine (CTM) is the value it delivers due to its tiered telemedicine model. With many telemedicine video consultation companies offering models that typically benefit themselves, our approach is to offer a tiered approach that benefits everybody.

Generally speaking, the strict PEPM model in the marketplace has loosened as fee-for-service models have emerged. But neither model offers the same value that Concierge Telemedicine does. We perfectly blend the costs savings from a fee-for-service model with the higher utilization rates that can come from a PEPM model.

In basic terms, Concierge Telemedicine offers three tiered levels of telemedicine care:

  • Post-acute Care – Video and examination with real medical devices, with the ability for a clinician to participate at the patient side. High impact, higher acuity care.
  • Chronic Care – Video and examination with real medical devices. Provides chronic care patients a higher level of acuity care to manage their conditions.
  • Frontline Preventative Care – Video-only consultations for low-acuity patients. This video technology can be provided at no additional cost to your organization as part of the Concierge Telemedicine solution.

Every patient panel can differ dramatically. Having a tiered model for telemedicine can be the most cost effective approach. Concierge Telemedicine provides the value that organizations are looking for to address their low-acuity and higher-acuity patients.

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​​Tiered Levels of Care with Telemedicine

Clients may receive extra licenses for free video consultations for additional patients using a tiered telemedicine approach.