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Technical Support

Using the Concierge Telemedicine (CTM) Software & Exam Cam:

  • Feel secure knowing only HIPAA compliant technology is used.
  • Visually see skin tones and color to look for abnormalities .
  • Have a discussion with the patient and be able to hear AND see what they say.

A tiered telemedicine approach that includes video-only service is Ideal for:

Concierge Telemedicine Solutions

 Medical Devices for Higher Acuity Care 

Concierge Telemedicine provides technical assistance for both physicians and patients.

Using the Concierge Telemedicine software, use streaming real-time data from medical devices designed for telemedicine:

  • Stethoscope: Listen and evaluate heart and lung sounds.
  • Camera - HD auto-focus camera
  • Light Ring Attachment - Closely examine mouth and throat, visible rash or any other aliment that requires a visual examination.
  • Otoscope Attachment - Allows visibility into the ear canal.
  • Blood Pressure Meter - Monitor and evaluate blood pressure.
  • Additional medical devices available.

Video Service for Lower Acuity Care