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In the past, telemedicine for schools has been provided by institutional telemedicine systems companies whose base business is selling into hospital networks.  These systems are typically high performance and high priced.  Due to limited budgets, the high price tags have limited penetration of telemedicine into school systems.

Many school systems are working with small budgets. The Concierge Telemedicine (CTM) system shatters the price barrier making telemedicine affordable for almost any school.  No need for a deep pocket donor or a government grant.  At less than $1,000 for a basic Concierge Telemedicine station, a bake sale could do it.

There are numerous benefits to using telemedicine in schools, especially using a tiered model like Concierge Telemedicine.

Cuts down cost of traveling nurses. A school systems could have one nurse at the district office or partner with a local provider. Student absenteeism is reduced, leading to less missed days, higher test scores and better grades. Additional applications such as speech therapy, behavioral health and even nutrition programs.

Depending on healthcare provider issues, the Concierge Telemedicine station could be used by the teachers and administrative staff as well as by the student.

More and more school systems are leveraging telemedicine to treat their students. Today, it is typical for a school to use medical devices and video to deliver care in order for a clinician to examine the patient. The current solutions on the market for schools have been similar to what is seen in hospitals. While the care delivered can be great, the cost is large. Concierge Telemedicine now offers a solution to meet the schools medical care needs AND their budget needs.

Concierge Telemedicine is the first to offer a clinic grade telemedicine solution for under $1,000. This is a fraction of what has been seen in the market in the past. And with our tiered telemedicine approach, Concierge Telemedicine can provide video-only licenses for free as a benefit, which can be used for speech therapy, behavioral health or other areas that only require video.

With the strong demand of telemedicine in school system, the Concierge Telemedicine system is an option that creates a competitive offering for telemedicine integrators to provide a lost-cost option in an important market sector with wide impact.

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