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Telemedicine for Home Health - Clinician with Patients 

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Integrate Telemedicine into the Home Health Model 

Tiered Model for Post-acute and Home Telemedicine 

Telemedicine for Home Health - Video-only

Telemedicine for Post-acute & Home care

The office of Veteran Affairs (VA) reports over a 20% reduction in readmissions for patients using telemedicine 1

We calculate that for every $1.00 of Concierge Telemedicine (CTM) usage, between $4.00 - $8.00 in reduced hospitalization and ER visit costs could be achieved. See cost savings.  

Telemedicine can play a critical role in achieving these goals through a tiered approach with smooth transitions between tiers of care.

If a home care agency (HCA) is involved, the most hands-on care can be provided through a visiting nurse with the ability to bring in a consulting clinician on the Concierge Telemedicine system during a home visit.  The nurse would bring a laptop or tablet PC with CTM loaded and with various medical devices, most significantly a telemedicine stethoscope.  If the nurse deems it appropriate, a telemedicine visit can be conducted on the spot with a remote consulting specialist.

If the nurse and consulting clinician deem it appropriate, the nurse can set up a CTM station with medical devices at the patient’s home and provide the training needed for the patient to use it.  This is a seamless transition of care to a new level where the patient could have a telemedicine visit to a consulting clinician whenever the patient feels he/she needs help.

The broadest reach of care would be a video-only telemedicine visit.  Since no medical devices would be left with the patient, this could be done without an in-home visit.  If the patient has access to a PC or smart phone with a camera and microphone, the patient could be given a username and Internet link to the CTM cloud server that would enable a tele-visit with a consulting clinician. 

Although the video-only CTM tele-visits do not involve use of medical devices, they have the dual advantage of being available to many more patients because the telemedicine connection service is free and being available to patients without an in-home nurse visit.

Distribution of video-only CTM tele-visit links to any patient deemed at-risk could form a protective blanket.  Those that use the telemedicine service could be escalated to home care visits or in-home CTM telemedicine stations with medical devices.

The area of Home Health Care is fairly broad. Home Health can cover anything from a digital blood pressure meter that is sent to a monitoring company to a visiting nurse and everything in between. This is why a tiered service model is the most valuable approach to telemedicine in the post-acute and Home Health Care market.  Concierge Telemedicine provides the technology and medical devices to deliver a high-touch examination. This helps lead to a more informed decision on their care plan and ultimately to a better patient outcome.

In addition, video-only licenses can be provided to your healthcare organization at no additional cost for patients where a video call would be sufficient.

With demand for solutions to lower both hospital readmissions and ER visits, Concierge Telemedicine is a perfect add-on (or a standalone solution) for hospital systems, home healthcare agencies, and other technology focused healthcare companies providing solutions to reduce medical expenditures.

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