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Telemedicine for the Employer Worksite & Home

High Efficacy, Low Cost Worksite Telemedicine Solutions

With the percentage of covered workers enrolled in self-insured health plans holding steady around 60%1, the telemedicine solutions to date have been largely video consultation with a strange doctor.

Concierge Telemedicine (CTM) provides video consultations but that is only one component of a successful telemedicine solution. One size does not fit all. We offer a tiered approach to telemedicine that provides employees with the level of care they need.

An employee can have a full telemedicine visit at work and then have either a full telemedicine visit or a video consultation at home. Equally important, the employees’ dependents can have the same telemedicine services.

In addition, Concierge Telemedicine’s transition care approach uses video services as its baseline and adds medical devices as needed.

View the Cost Savings of Telemedicine.

Healthcare solutions for the self-insured market need to be more innovative than ever.

Concierge Telemedicine fills a void in the market for a solution that can have the same benefits as institute telemedicine, but without the typical $15K telemedicine cart price tag. With Concierge Telemedicine’s higher acuity care, a sub $1K CTM station provides employees with chronic illness or post-acute care can have telemedicine visits with key medical devices.

Concierge Telemedicine Frontline Preventative Care (video-only) can benefit all employees with video consultations with no service fee. With Concierge Telemedicine, employers can reduce their healthcare costs by $4-$8 for every $1 spent for Concierge Telemedicine. See the Cost Savings.


Organizations can offer Concierge Telemedicine for higher acuity care to their employees in a variety of ways such as:

  • Patient kits for employees with chronic illnesses
  • Patient kits to be borrowed/returned for employees with higher acute immediate needs
  • Patient kits for key employees

Concierge Telemedicine clients will receive additional licenses for video consultations only at no extra charge. This will ensure that the basic acute needs can be managed effectively while allowing an organization to focus on the care of its sickest employees and dependents. Why go pay for a video-only solution when you can get the video technology free as part of our tiered telemedicine solution?

While there are numerous video-only solutions that are promoted to the Benefits Management segment as “telemedicine”, they are extremely limited because they do not use medical devices to perform an actual examination. The term “telemedicine” is more properly used in the institutional market where hospitals use telemedicine devices and video to deliver care. This institutional approach is a true telemedicine model, but it is expensive at ~$15K+ for a telemedicine cart.

Concierge Telemedicine bridges the video-only telemedicine model and the clinic grade telemedicine model.

And with a tiered approach, clients will receive free licenses for video-only technology for low-acuity needs and an inexpensive solution for higher acuity needs that require medical devices.

With video-only technology being a free benefit as part of our tiered program, clients can easily offer other services at no additional technology fees such as Transition Care, Behavioral Health Care and more.  


Health care for a self-insured employer requires that several parties come together to create a health plan tailored to the employer – health care providers, third party administrators, stop-loss coverage, brokers. Concierge Telemedicine’s low cost tiered service is a new ingredient that can be the catalyst to produce dramatic savings while improving employee well-being and morale.

The Concierge Telemedicine system is an option that create an enhanced offering for a Third Party Administrator (TPA) and an attractive means for a health care provider to pick up more contracts and retain those they already have.

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