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Concierge Telemedicine Solutions

Using the Concierge Telemedicine software, use streaming real-time data from medical devices designed for telemedicine:

  • Stethoscope: Listen and evaluate heart and lung sounds.
  • Camera - HD auto-focus camera
  • Light Ring Attachment - Closely examine mouth and throat, visible rash or any other aliment that requires a visual examination.
  • Otoscope Attachment - Allows visibility into the ear canal.
  • Blood Pressure Meter - Monitor and evaluate blood pressure.
  • Additional medical devices available.

Technical Support

 Medical Devices for Higher Acuity Care 

Concierge Telemedicine provides technical assistance for both physicians and patients.

Video Service for Lower Acuity Care

Using the Concierge Telemedicine (CTM) Software & Exam Cam:

  • Feel secure knowing only HIPAA compliant technology is used.
  • Visually see skin tones and color to look for abnormalities .
  • Have a discussion with the patient and be able to hear AND see what they say.

A tiered telemedicine approach that includes video-only service is Ideal for: